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Project nº NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-001996

Support under the Business Entrepreneurship Internationalisation incentive system

Project Designation: IZUM Production Unit Internationalisation

Total eligible cost: 548 963,14 €

EU Financial support: 247 033,41 €

Private financial investment: 301 929,73 €


B2CLOUD – Desenvolvimento de Soluções Cloud, S.A., is a small company based in Vila Nova de Famalicão. The company started its activity in May 2013 and is dedicated to the development of software inserted under SAAS (Software As A Service). This kind of solution allows to provide the product anywhere in the world and on any device. With the constant evolution of the IT market, this has been converging on the IoT solutions (Internet of Things). These solutions have as main objective the whole connection and any object that has a connection Internet. Therefore, it is possible to fit IoT devices on any object in everyday life, whether in an environment Industrial whether in a personal environment. In this sense B2CLOUD developed a prototype of a multi-sensory device (IZUM) that integrates with a cloud application where users can access the values ​​of the device's sensors and configure the same. Following the presentation of IZUM in international events, the demand for this device has grown from a exponentially, and the path of industrialization and manufacturing of these devices a step key in the evolution of the company. Currently the product is manufactured with use of subcontractors, mainly International companies. The goal is to have a fully B2cloud product made in Portugal. Through the implementation of the B2Cloud investment project aims to promote exports of their products innovative by increasing their competitiveness and internationalization. To this end, the company has an investment plan directed seven markets, in particular for Hong Kong, Turkey, Colombia, Japan and Brazil. This investment plan includes exploration activities, participation at trade shows, market research, hiring two technicians, promotional materials and the development and implementation of a digital marketing plan. The B2Cloud with this project expects to achieve in the post project year a volume of international business approximately € 1,05m (87.92% of total turnover).

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